This page helps users determine the purpose of the various namespaces at Wikisource, and in which namespace to put new content.

About namespacesതിരുത്തുക

Pages on a MediaWiki wiki are grouped into collections called "namespaces" (sometimes abbreviated to "ns"), which differentiate between the purpose of the pages at a high level. Pages in certain namespaces can also have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages. The namespace makes up the first part of the page name, and is separated from the rest of the name by a colon. For example, this page ("Help:Namespaces") is in the "Help" namespace, used for pages to explain how Wikisource works.

Every namespace has an attendant "talk" namespace, where discussion about the content on that page can be held.

Every namespace also has a number which is how it is represented in the database holding Wikisource's content. A current list can also be found here. In general you don't need to know this number unless you are writing code to interface with Wikisource.

Wikisource namespacesതിരുത്തുക

Namespace Talk namespace Use
Main (0) Talk (1) This name space holds the "content pages" of Wikisource. This is the namespace where works are presented to readers.
User (2) User talk (3) Every user has a user page. The page is used for a brief description of the user, as well as for personal subpages holding incomplete or experimental content. The talk page is used to contact the user and hold discussions with them. You can also access the user's statistics from here.
Wikisource (4) Wikisource talk (5) Wikisource pages are project-related pages, such as the Scriptorium, and process pages such as those dealing with suspected copyright violation, proposed deletions or undeletions, etc.
File (6) File talk (7) Every file uploaded to Wikisource has a File page. This page lists {{information}} about the file such as its size, provides a preview and links to all places on Wikisource where it is used. If the file is hosted at Wikimedia Commons (and most files are), the file page will exist here too, along with a link to the Commons page. See Help:Adding images, Help:Audio and Help:Djvu
Mediawiki (8) Mediawiki talk (9) These pages are used for technical aspects of the Wikisource website, such as CSS styles.
Template (10) Template talk (11) Templates are reusable pieces of text that can be transcluded to other pages to simplify formatting or organisation.
Help (12) Help talk (13) Pages here give help on editing Wikisource, and describe the processes and protocols we use. See the contents of help pages.
Category (14) Category talk (15) Categories are used to collect similar types of work together. Pages are added to categories by adding [[Category:Category name]] to the page. Read more about categorisation here.
Portal (100) Portal talk (101) Portal pages collect works about topics together. People can be represented here, including explanation and expansion not suitable for an Author page listing. Links to sister projects also go here.
Author (102) Author talk (103) This namespace is for listings of all works by or about people, with links to the works in question, as well as links to sister projects (such as Commons or Wikipedia).
Page (104) Page talk (105) The page namespace is used to hold a transcription of a single page of a work alongside the "original" scanned page of the works. Contents of this namespace is not intended to be viewed directly by the end reader—instead it is transcluded into the Main namespace. Read more about page-by-page editing at Help:Proofread.
Index (106) Index talk (107) Index pages are used to describe a scan of a work (either as a single DJVU or PDF file, or as a collection of other media). They contain a link to each page of the work, as well as bibliographic information about that particular scan, such as date, publisher, location, etc.
Special (-1) N/A This namespace is used to group special pages, reports and interfaces that are generated 'on demand' by MediaWiki and which are not directly editable. It is not possible to create pages in this namespace except by modifying or extending the MediaWiki software.
Media (-2) N/A This namespace is an alias used for direct linking to media files: the link [[Media:Wiki.png]] links to just the image rather than the image description page, which would be [[File:Wiki.png]]. It is not generally used at Wikisource.

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